Friday, January 1, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

Ok, so I have made some New Years Resolutions....and one of them is to POST ON MY BLOG!! hahaha! Sorry it has taken nearly 2 years???? I need to do better!
Anyway, so what's new with me....
I graduated from Nursing school at the U in 2008 (YAY!), and then I went to Brazil for 6 weeks. It was AWESOME! Once I got home, I got ready for nursing boards. After passing boards, I got a job at McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden, UT. I have worked in the Float Pool Dept. since August 2008, and it is fun. I get to work on 8 units throughout the hospital (Medical, Surgical, Joint-Spine, Cardiovasctular/Thoracic Unit, Rehab, CDU in the ER, Post-Partum/OB, and Pediatrics), and I 'float' between these floors--wherever there is a need. Anyway, by far my favorite floor is Pediatrics! :) I love the little kids!! I love the unit here, and the people who work here. Anyway, I am 'on loan' for 6 months to Pediatrics (which basically means, that I am adopted to Peds for 6 months). However, I just applied for a position up here (and I will still work for float pool once a week), which would be perfect! I hope I get it!!! I will let you know!
As well as working in Ogden, I also moved up to Ogden and moved back home to help my family. Things with my family are....kinda crazy....but oh well...haha
When it comes to dating...not much new. I have kind of become somewhat antisocial I guess, and haven't met anyone special. I dated a kid for a few months last fall, but then I broke it off (I knew it wasn't going anywhere)....oh well...haha.
When it comes to plans for the future, I am seriously considering Medical School, to become a Pediatrician! :) I will have to take some more classes, and the MCAT, etc. But it is what I am thinking...I will start more classes this fall. I just want to help children more, and I can do it better as a doctor versus a nurse...Anyway, those are my plans for now!
What is new with you guys?????? Please update me!!
I miss you all!! I love you all, and hope you had HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


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