Friday, November 23, 2007

Finally...I know how to post on my blog again!!!

Thanks to Shannon, for everything! For being THE BEST!!! For always being there, through EVERYTHING, and through all of the crazy times of my life over the past 3+ years!! And now, that I know how to post on my blog, I will be able to write things more often! I have been at my new job at LDS for about a month, and things are going well....I still miss CW though, and would go back in a heartbeat... I was totally dreading working here at LDS, but it is a lot better than I thought that it would be....(with the exceptions of a few nagging, complaining, and annoying coworkers)...
And as for my personal is complicated and confusing as ever! I don't understand boys!! I wish that I could just read their mind sometimes!! In my situation, I want to say how I feel, but I don't want to ruin things....He is practically my best friend!!! I guess that I will just have to wait!! I always tell myself, that there will be an end to all of the crap known as 'dating' someday...Sometimes I feel like I want to just be married and finished with all of the dating stuff....yet, then it scares me to think of being married, and being with one person for forever. Am I ready to make the most important choice of my entire life? I don't think so!! How do you know who you should marry? Is it that you just 'know' like everyone says? Or is it just the realization, that you can't live without that special person?....I wonder what is going to happen to me? It is exciting not knowing, but it is kinda driving me crazy!! I want to know what my future holds!!!

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