Friday, November 23, 2007

Would you ladies like a box?

So Justin and I were out eating lunch this past week. At the end of our meal, we were still sitting and joking around (like we always are). While our waitress was getting the check, the store manager happened to walk by. When she saw me she kindly said, "would you ladies like a box?" I started laughing hysterically, and I couldn't stop!! The reaction on her face, when she looked over...and saw Justin!!! Yes, his hair is a bit longer (but I like it--it is not too long)...but he definitely does NOT look like a girl!!! Justin was laughing uncontrollably as well....eventually he said to her, 'well, I don't care if you said that...but you said it in front of her (me), and she will never forget it!' Wow, he knows me really well!!! I have been randomly texting him "would you ladies like a box?" :)
Also, Justin and his sister Lindsay spent Thanksgiving with my family (because their family is out of town for their sister's second wedding reception in Ohio). Anyway, the funniest part of the night was when my brother Josh jokingly acted like he was going to attack Justin from behind, and then said, "oh I am sorry mam...I thought that you were my friend, Justin." HILARIOUS!!! I guess the moral of the story is to alwayas look at everyone before saying any comment regarding gender....however, what do you say to the shemales? or the females with 5 o'clock shadows or beards? or for the people who you can't tell their gender (an 'it')?...

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pinklover said...

That is like a kick in the manhood. So funny, but just not right. Goodthing Justin is man enough to laugh about it!